Mega Mural Madness Returns to Boise in August


In August 2010, dozens of local artists spent four days in a dilapidated parking garage turning the space into an open-air urban museum by filling it to the gills with murals.

In August 2011, they'll turn their sights on an another downtown concrete expanse: Freak Alley (the alley that runs from Eighth to Ninth Street between Idaho and Bannock) with the Freak Alley Gallery Art Jam.

Artists will spend Saturday, Aug. 6, braving "that dumpster smell" as they brighten up the alley with murals on the theme of "freedom." On Saturday, Aug. 13, there will be an opening celebration with music and prizes for murals voted the best.

The murals will be up in the alley for at least a year.

Event organizer Seth Brown says that applications are still being accepted from artists. Up to 100 8-foot by 10-foot slots are available.

Interested artists can email sketches or pictures with their idea to Those sketches will then be approved by the city as being free of giant wangs before being accepted. Artists may submit as many proposals as they like, allowing the committee to select the one they like best.

Brown says the committee and approval process of this year's event is because the alley is public property.

And in one final note: The theme of freedom isn't free. It costs $50 to participate in the art jam. The money will go to a local arts-education nonprofit.

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