New World Record Set in the One-Mile Hippity-Hop


On June 19, more than a dozen Boiseans gathered in Julia Davis Park for the Third Annual Hippity-Hop Race. The goal, aside from raising money for Girls on the Run, was to take back the world record from Ashrita Furman, the man who holds the world record for most world records.

Not only did one racer shatter Furman's one-mile time record by nearly two minutes, but new records were set in the five-mile race as well—though it should be pointed out that no record previously existed for a five-mile race. Hashtag that one #fishinabarrel if you like.

Asked how he felt to have set the world record, racer Andy Staffer said, "I dunno. It's all right."

But, despite his understated posturing, he then issued a pro wrestling-style challenge to Furman to come to Boise and settle the score once and for all.

So what about it, Mr. Furman? Or are you also the world record holder for "bein' yeller?"

[ Video is no longer available. ]