Need Something To Do Wednesday?


As the Republican candidates for president fall over one another to demonize federal health-care reform and Idaho continues to squander taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit intended to block it, the evidence that reform is needed is more than just right in front of your eyes—it's advertising in neon and offering drink specials.

Don't believe me? Then stop by Fatty's Bar tonight for a glimpse at the reality of health care in America, with "Bigger than Cancer," a concert, auction and raffle to benefit Melissa Eldredge, who is battling cancer.

While cancer is exactly what an effective insurance system could be expected to address, America doesn't have one, and is instead forced to rely on less-effective ad-hoc assistance like this benefit, provided the sick are lucky enough to have friends like Eldredge's who will take up their cause. But most aren't.

The benefit starts at 5:30 p.m. and organizers are requesting a $5 donation. Music will be provided by The Naughties.

I triple-dog dare the governor or attorney general to attend and explain why benefit concerts are a better solution for the sick than insurance.