Need Something To Do Sunday?


Whether it be in your life, your diet or on a high wire, balance is crucial. It keeps the essential and beneficial from becoming toxic and makes for a stronger whole.

But in our emotional lives, the things that can bring us balance are rejected as immature. As people age, they are expected to behave accordingly, oftentimes to the detriment of their own well-being. For example, despite the consistently proven health benefits of laughter, we laugh less as we age, lest we appear undignified. The worst part is that to some degree, we all recognize that it's an internally corrosive way to live.

So today, why not say "f@#$ it" and pull out some of the childish things you previously put away? The hippity-hop for example?

Today will be Boise's third annual attempt to set the world record for speed in the one-mile hippity-hop—those bouncing balls with the handles that you sit on—race. It's the sort of event so marinated in absurdity that it's impossible to participate in with anything less than a mile-wide grin.

Boise hoppers actually set the "world record" (note the quotation marks, since even the event organizers point out that no governing body has actually sanctioned this record) at last year's event, but had it snatched away from them within two months by the previous record holder, Ashrita Furman. His record now stands at 13 minutes flat.

If anyone manages to pull it off, in addition to the glory and giggles, he or she will also get $100. Not too shabby.

Racers must provide their own bouncing ball, but to quote the "official rules ..."

A hippity-hop is defined as any inflated ball that is capable of allowing a rider to hop along a trajectory where the locomotion is initiated with a jump using both feet planted on the ground at the same time and that then results in a hop upon landing on the inflated ball. This rule allows athletes to create and modify hippity-hop balls in any way that they wish.

So there's a bit of leeway there.

The event website also lists places where one can purchase a hippety-hop, if one is so inclined.

In addition to a world-record attempt, there will be a five-mile ultra-hop event, a children's race and a four-person relay. The event runs from 12:30-5 p.m. and costs $5 for adults. In a shameless display of ageism, children may race for free.