MP3 of the Day: Emily's Army, "Broadcast This"



BW headquarters shares a building with The Venue, and walking into the newspaper brings back memories of Mom dropping me off downtown to watch some home-grown punk rock.

Emily’s Army brings back similar memories. The band's debut album, Don’t Be a Dick, dropped today and hints of Less Than Jake and early pre-Dookie Green Day come to mind, which makes sense: The album was co-produced by Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, and Armstrong's son Joey is the drummer.

The band members—who range in age from 15 to 17 years—probably get plenty of shit from the Internet, but Don’t Be a Dick is actually a pretty solid album if you don’t factor in “Ho-lloween.” Skip that track. Other than that, the band's pop-punk fun is a good time, catchy and full of potential. Remember, these guys are in high school. They have plenty of time to grow as a band and most likely get angrier.

Listen to "Broadcast This" below.