Crystal Antlers Release Two-Way Mirror in July



It’s no surprise a band that got its start learning cover songs for an eccentric chimney sweep in exchange for instruments isn’t your average drums-and-guitar band. Crystal Antlers' upcoming sophomore LP, Two-Way Mirror (Recreation, Ltd.), is slated for release on Tuesday, July 12.

Crystal Antlers released their single of the same name, “Two-Way Mirror,” and it sounds like The Beach Boys dropped acid, hung out with Kurt Cobain, drank coffee and licked 9-volt batteries. A wailing guitar paired with grunge/punk/folky vocals makes for a perfect companion while driving through Canyon County at night.

The Long Beach, Calif.-based bunch headed south to the farming town of La Punta Banda, Mexico, for writing inspiration in early 2010, and it seems to have paid off. Crystal Antlers will be taking to the streets touring the album but won't quite make it to the Gem State—they’ll be sticking to the Southwest with shows planned in Texas, California and Arizona.