Need Something To Do Wednesday?


Though it always comes as a shock to our delicate sensibilities, Boise Weekly has occasionally been accused of being hipsters.

We could offer an etymological analysis of the word "hipster," and how its modern usage is primarily as a slur, meaning "one who looks down on and judges others for their cultural affinities," meaning that the very act of calling someone a hipster is in fact the most hipster action one can take, making those slinging slurs far more hipster than us—which also constitutes irony, the other cornerstone of modern hipsterism. But that sounds like a lot of work. Instead we'll just dodge the bullet and do something decidedly non-hipster with our event suggestion today.

How about attending the Miss Idaho pageant? The preliminary for the Miss America contest starts tonight at The Morrison Center. The first round is at 7:30 p.m. and the pageant will continue through Friday, June 10. Admission is $15-$25.

What's remotely hipster about that? Answer: nothing. So take that, haters. Game, set and match Boise Weekly.

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