Need Something To Do Wednesday?


This weekend is i48, Boise's unaffiliated local version of the international 48 Hour Film Project, in which teams must make an entire film from scratch in two days or less. And while Boise may not seem like a hotbed of cinephilia, there were as many teams entered in last year's i48 in Boise as there were in Portland's the year before, and that's a city with a film school and several Oscar-winning directors.

So maybe this isn't such a bad place to make films. But to make films, you need actors. And despite what may look like an easy job, acting isn't all that easy.

But today, there's a chance to do something about your acting skills, because a new six-week round of acting classes is starting up at Heirloom Dance Studio.

The classes will run for six consecutive Wednesdays and cost $85.

Call Miranda at 916-996-0016 or email for more info.