Need Something To Do Monday?


National holidays seem like a great idea. Stressed postal workers get a day off so they don't feel the need to take a submachine gun to work and everyone else is spared the horrors of going into the DMV.

But then you realize, with that day off, there's nothing to do because it's a holiday and everything is closed.

And true to form, Boise is a bit of a ghost town this Memorial Day evening.

Well, we here at BW say that if no one is going to bother to put in the effort to entertain you, then the time has come to entertain yourself and others in the vacuum. The best way to do it: open mic. Unlike other entertainment, national holiday or not, open mics soldier on.

Best place to do open mic this evening is Pengilly's Saloon in old town. Axe-slingers of all varieties cue up hours ahead of time to strum, pluck and croon on one of the most intimate stages in town. And since it's a holiday and all, the line may be a little shorter this evening, making it the perfect chance to debut your experimental clarinet interpretation of early Slayer.