Inflatable People


Cartoon characters and human beings are not designed to do the same things.

Where it's perfectly fine for a cartoon to end up on the business end of an anvil dropped from the sky, results are less comical when it happens to an actual person. The same can be said when a cartoon is suddenly inflated like a balloon and floats away. If you have any doubt that this is something that should not be attempted by a three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood being, just ask New Zealander Steven McCormack.

The trucker found out the hard way that people are not meant to be inflated. McCormack fell between the cab of his truck and the trailer, breaking off an air hose in the process. The broken nozzle pierced his butt cheek, and began pumping highly pressurized air into his body, separating fat from muscle in the process. Thankfully, McCormack's co-workers were nearby and able to turn off the air, put McCormack on his side and place ice around his neck until rescue workers arrived. Check out's full story on the incident.

Thankfully, McCormack seems to be on the road to recovery, although we're guessing balloons might trigger unpleasant flashbacks for him in the future.