Two Words For All You Graduates Out There: Virtual Accordions


Despite a long-running desire for a tricorder from Star Trek, this hombre hates the iPad. Sure it's fancy techno wonderful and all that. But that virtual keyboard is too weird to write with, my No. 1 use for a computer.

However, my No. 2 use is making music. And while I prefer real instruments to MIDI-made instrumentation and loops, I just discovered iPad apps that are a perfect hybrid: touchscreen virtual instruments—accordions, guitars, synths, you name it.

And while they are without doubt as weird in a tactile sense as using the stupid virtual keyboard, the difference is that I can't type anything more special with the virtual keyboard. But the touchscreen apps allow the use of instruments I'd have to save years to afford.

If you add that Garageband is now available for iPad, and even includes a series of touch-played virtual instruments, it's looking more and more like a touchscreen future.

Goodbye, keyboard. We had some good times together. But no matter how lovingly I caress you, you'll just never sound like a vintage accordion.

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