Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at the Bouquet Tonight


Tonight's Modest Mouse show at The Knitting Factory has been sold out pretty much since the instant it was announced. If you're one of the unlucky who didn't get tickets, there is another music option for a Thursday on the town.

Rockers looking for some hot tunes on the town tonight can swing by The Bouquet and catch Roger Clyne, who is probably the best songwriter you've never heard of. His songs strike a perfect balance between witty and mournful, and he uses cowboy imagery and silky smooth melody to spin tall tales about love, loss and all the drinks that come with both.

Between his breakthrough band The Refreshments and his current band, The Peacemakers, the Arizona guitar-slinger has penned 11 full-length albums with the consistent quality one expects from the likes of Tom Petty.

Yet Clyne is still probably best-known for penning the theme to the long-running animated sitcom King of the Hill, a song most can hum, but few can credit to him.

"That's kind of the story of our life," Clyne told BW in a phone interview. "We're the world's most famous unknown band. It's the twilight zone every day."

Stop by the Bouquet tonight and you can get to know Clyne and the Peacemakers and their killer song catalog a little better.