Need Something To Do Sunday?


When traveling, people often make an effort to see museums in the places they visit. Yet, ironically, they often don't bother with the museums they live near. Perhaps it's that local museums show things considered commonplace, and part of the cultural-immersion experience is seeing what is deemed worthy of putting on display.

Even the museums are somewhat aware of it. That's why there's International Museum Day, a global opportunity for museums to band together, promote themselves and explain their importance in cultural and societal development.

And guess when that is? That's right, Something-To-Do-Today-kateers, it's today. You get a cookie. Change your browser settings if you don't want it.

Today at the Old Idaho Pen, all of our local museums will band together to make one Voltron-style mega-museum, with activities, exhibits and all the information about hours and locations you could ever need.

The event runs from noon-5 p.m. and is FREE.