Netflix Rules To The (Mira)Max


That little red envelope that shows up in your mail is the result of a brilliant idea—unless you owned a Blockbuster store.

Netflix cornered the market in movie rentals by offering DVD home delivery and streaming for a flat rate. The company now has more than 100,000 titles available. It also has roughly 10 million subscribers who don't have to get their movie-loving butts off the couch and drive to the video store or the theater. The only way Netflix could make it any simpler (or better) is if the Los Gatos, Calif.-based company sent a box of greasy popcorn, a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and a box of Sour Patch Kids with every movie. (Don't laugh: I wouldn't be surprised to see a "Store" tab on in the near future.)

Now Netflix has given us yet another reason to lie around licking the salt and butter off of our fingers.

On May 16, Miramax announced that it signed a multi-year deal with Netflix and some of Miramax's movies will now be available for instant watching on Netflix. According to a Miramax press release, "Netflix members can instantly watch hundreds of iconic Miramax films, including such classics as Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Bad Santa, Scream, Spy Kids, The Piano and Kill Bill."

We may never get off the couch again.

Bring me Solo. And a box of Raisinets.
  • Bring me Solo. And a box of Raisinets.