Need Something To Do Saturday?


The view from the Train Depot overlooks one of the Treasure Valley’s most prized urban spaces: the Boise Foothills. The city is taking advantage of that viewpoint by hosting a celebration there to honor the decision to preserve those very Foothills as open space.

Ten years ago, voters decided to protect the Foothills by funneling money to a trust via a special levy. The funds were to be used to purchase Foothills land whenever possible, and then designate that property as public land, never to be developed. Today, the city and the citizens who appreciate that verdict are commemorating the historic levy that has preserved more than 10,000 acres to date.

Check out displays about the Foothills acquisitions—including the more than 2,100 acres in the last 18 months, grab a refreshment and let the kids play some games. Hillfolk Noir will be playing and there’s an opportunity to sign up to participate in an oral history project. On your way out, you might want to snag one of local artist Carl Rowe’s prints titled "Sea of Hills" depicting the Foothills, and have him sign it. Prints will be for sale for $10 each.

All of this happens from 2-4 p.m., so once you’ve finished hiking or biking in those beloved hills, there’s still plenty of time to celebrate.