The Cremaster Master to Give Commencement Speech


On Saturday, May 21, the College of Idaho Class of 2011 will proudly walk the line toward a goal they have worked diligently to reach. Little could be more exciting on that day than to reach out and grab hold of a hard-earned (and not inexpensive) diploma—unless it's listening to Matthew Barney give the commencement address.

Yes, that Matthew Barney, the man behind—and in front of and around—The Cremaster Cycle, a work of art that includes a series of sculptures exhibited at the Guggenheim museum, five related films, and photographs created during an eight-year period. The almost unbearably stunning visuals are matched only by the complexity of the overall concept, in which creation, development and potential are explored in a less-than-straightforward manner.

Barney was raised in Boise, and like many an actor, musician, visual artist or any other kind of creative type who hails from this valley, that fact has added to his mystique. Not to mention, his partner is Icelandic oddity Bjork.

While returning to his roots to help usher out C of I's 2011 graduating class, Barney will also receive an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

The commencement takes place from 10 a.m.-noon in the college's Morrison Quadrangle, but will also be streamed live online.

You won't hear any dialogue in this trailer for Cremaster 1 because there isn't any—in any of the films. And, yes, that is the Boise State Smurf Turf.