Need Something to do Sunday?


Dedicated athletes are known for watching game film of their opponents, looking for weaknesses that can be exploited in competition.

And while all that may be on the line with sporting events is pride and glory, militaries also conduct extensive research for similar reasons. If you can understand how your enemies fight, you can defeat them.

Today, Boiseans have an opportunity to research an opponent they will one day have to face in mortal combat: robots.

If we can learn anything from science fiction and Japan's sexual proclivities, it's that the robot apocalypse is nigh. They've already taken over foosball.

But today at the Boise Public Library—whose exclamation point is to highlight its awesomeness, Mr. Oliver—you can do some research with the Sumo Robot Battle, in which robots made by those mad scientists at the Boise State Robotics Club will duke it out to see who gets to lead their army. That way, you can see all their moves ahead of time, so when they came marauding, you'll know just where to stick that soldering iron.

The Sumo Robot Battle starts at 2 p.m. in the Hayes Auditorium and is FREE to attend.