Need Somethinhg To Do Saturday?


If the thought of getting a flu shot makes your toes curl and you’d rather face the possibility of lockjaw than have to get that tetanus shot updated, here is a kinder, gentler way to get over that fear of needles that’s been haunting you since preschool and the required regiment of shots you had to have before entering kindergarten. And you won’t even have to pay for the therapy because it’s Free Acupuncture Day at The People’s Clinic.

Today, you can face your fear head on and make an appointment to have a licensed acupuncturist assess your health by asking you some questions. Then, depending on the diagnosis (if there is one), he or she will poke tiny needles into your forgiving flesh in an effort to clear the channels that might be blocking your chi. Or if you are in fact fit as a fiddle, you can get a “tune-up” treatment. Acupuncture aficionados sometimes get these regular treatments just to help them remain balanced and feelin’ fine.

It’s a great opportunity for those who’ve never tried it and a coup for those who’d love to do it regularly but can’t swing it financially. Call 208-409-7759 for more info.