Need Something To Do Saturday?


The smell of hard-boiled eggs permeates the air, and you’ve been practicing all week. The kids just couldn’t wait any longer, and you—who really couldn’t wait to sink your teeth into those pastel-colored ovums—caved and agreed to let the little ones dye their Easter eggs last weekend. So now you have had a week’s worth of practice for the upcoming Pickled Egg Eating Contest that gets under way at 4 p.m. today at Nuthouse Sports Bar and Grill.

You get five minutes to ingest as many pickled eggs as you can handle, but we should warn you: You’ll have competition from BW's own Josh Gross and Andrew Crisp, and Crisp already survived Superb Sushi’s Demon Delight Challenge. Pickled eggs? Pfttt … Piece of cake.

It will cost you $15 to enter the contest, but that entry fee comes with the possibility of being known as one of the city's top egg eaters, a T-shirt and a pitcher of beer—because you’re going to need something to wash down those eggs, of course.