Slideshow: #IB6 (That's Ignite Boise 6 for the Untwitter Among Us)


A decent showing of hands went up last night when first-time @igniteboise attendees copped to missing out on the first five Ignite Boise events. And while they've missed out on some great past presos, last night was a terrific introduction to what the creative juggernaut is all about, with some of the best selection of topics and presenters @igniteboise has hosted.

From Bri Clark's heartfelt life lesson on poverty and prosperity to Timothy Fahlen's raw look at the challenges he faces as a seventh grade teacher—which earned him a standing ovation—to Daniel Burton's brain-busting prediction that singularities will be humanity's end to @travisporter's hilarious case of mistaken Twitter identity, #IB6 was among the strongest we've seen yet.

Click here for a slideshow of the evening.