Radio Boise Officially Goes Live


After eight years of trying to get there, Radio Boise officially went live today at 1:10 p.m. MST on 89.9 FM. It was the first time since the station began broadcasting on the FM airwaves April 11 that autoplay was turned off and local DJs took the mic.

Several dozen DJs, staff and supporters gathered in the station's new studios in the basement of the Alaska Building for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and for DJs to play a series of songs they'd picked specially for the occasion.

"Relish this moment," said Executive Director Jeff Abrams. "It truly is historic. There [were] 500,000 people in this community who don't have their own radio station, and we did something to change that."

After being presented with a Radio Boise coffeemug and a large round of applause when he pronounced Radio Boise officially in operation, Abrams also spoke the station's first words: "Welcome, Boise. We are here to stay."

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