Need Something To Do Wednesday?


One episode of the sitcom Arrested Development takes place in Reno, Nev. To establish setting, the camera showed an exterior shot of a movie theater ... located in my hometown of Ashland, Ore. In the film The Zero Effect, Bill Pullman's narration makes reference to travelling down East Powell Street in Portland, Ore., though that scene was shot downtown on West Burnside. In the film Brainsmasher: A Love Story, star Andrew Dice Clay has a climactic final battle against ninjas in an abandoned warehouse that served as their hideout. It was filmed in Portland music venue The Roseland Theater.

There's a special thrill that comes in recognizing a location from a movie—for just a moment, you can see through the illusion being created by the filmmaker and know the truth.

So tonight, why not see how many spots you can recognize?

Director Jake Lyman, a former BW intern, will be showing his first feature-length film All Night this evening in the Boise State Special Event Center. The film is set and was shot entirely in Boise.

The screening starts at 7 p.m. and costs $3 for students and $4 non-students.

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