Shu's and Mizuno Let You Kick the Tires


With gas prices climbing toward $4 per gallon, now is the time to toss the car keys and pick up a new low-priced form of transportation ... like running. Think about it: The only real cost is the initial purchase, running shoes never need garage space to be stored in and they don't need tune-ups or gas. But like finding the right car to fit your lifestyle, finding a shoe that fits is vital.

Shu’s Idaho Running Company has made a name for itself for not only offering a wide selection of shoes, but for offering impeccable customer service, which includes allowing customers hassle-free returns. On Thursday, April 21, and Thursday, April 28, Shu's is taking its “test-drive” approach to a new level with Mizuno’s Run With Us program.

Mizuno, manufacturers of sports equipment, apparel and shoes, will be at Shu's with its mobile running lab, which allows customers to test-drive its footwear. Experts will also be on hand to provide analysis and make recommendations depending upon a runner's needs. And everyone who participates in the Run WIth Us program gets a free T-shirt.

Maybe you won't give up driving completely, but if you are considering taking up running, no matter how serious or casual you are about it, you need the right shoe and here's an opportunity to find your sole mate.

Mizuno's running lab will be at Shu's Idaho Running Company, 1758 W. State St. on Thursdays, April 21, and Thursday, April 28

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