Cooking Up Some Carp


The world is not all rainbows and bass in fishing. Sometimes you get catfish and carp. That was the case when I took my middle son out fishing a few weeks ago: He landed the biggest fish of his young life—but it was a carp.

I did not want to appear disappointed in the catch, so I asked him what he wanted to do with his fish.

“The same thing we do with all the others, Dad. Take it home and eat it!”

So we ate carp. It certainly wasn't the best fish I have ever tasted, but it wasn't the worst, either. Aside from the bones, it wasn't all that bad. But, oh, those bones. I will do some experimenting with carp to figure out how to get rid of the bone problem, then I will take over the aquaculture world. Mwhahahaha!

Watch the video below for some cool carp cooking and cleaning tips.