Today's Time Suck: That Tweet Next Can My Be


Twitter certainly has its virtues—information dissemination, marketing, entertainment—but it can also suck a user into a dimension where time has no meaning. The twitterverse is a place where dishes go unwashed, laundry goes unfolded, dogs go unwalked, kids go un-picked-up from school, email goes unreturned and deadlines go un-met as reading someone's status updates leads to reading the updates of that person's followers and so on and so on and so on, right, Heather Locklear?

From the world of "distractions that keep you from doing anything productive," comes Enter a twitter username and the site takes that user's tweets, tosses them around like particles going through a matter transporter and lets the resulting mix land as it may.

From @barackobama:

The White House to uphold the 2012 campaign. Say that claims to make it fall backward: As we can reform!

The goal is a budget that insurance industry back on a society that lifts up to make even better friend!

White House About to save money, combat pollution & billionaires. The debate over budgets and move!

From @kanyewest

Girls be crazy! I've got the new album title! NINJAS... YESSSSS!!!!!!! I just stay superfly!

Congratulations to be humble when you eat Fuk with Spike Lee t the hard work worth it


And here's what it did to tweets from @averageamy (me):

Dropped 2 issue of it. Fajita flavored beef jerky? Dunno..... It's not news that logic might be surprised.

Oh good work. Today's soundtrack is tripindicular. Ha! Or Chris Rock. I am too nice! Agreed! And I might.

Today's good day to see them both. The Getaway Car, Uintahs, Stop Drop & Butthead? Amazing!

And I may have a tweet. My colleague has finally joined the max. Wait, what?

Wait, what indeed.