Need Something To Do Thursday?


Approximately 40 percent of Americans have tried online dating.

But according to The Economist, those singles might want to put down the keyboard and pick up the karaoke mic. In regards to a study by University of New Mexico biologist Dr. Geoffrey Miller, a recent article in the magazine had this to say:

One reason for believing this is that musical productivity—at least among the recording artists who have exploited the phonograph and its successors over the past hundred years or so—seems to match the course of an individual’s reproductive life. In particular, Dr. Miller studied jazz musicians. He found that their output rises rapidly after puberty, reaches its peak during young-adulthood, and then declines with age and the demands of parenthood.

The idea that singing and musical prowess was a way to attract a potential mate initially came from Darwin, but was more of an aside than a major focus—though it's certainly backed up by anecdotal evidence about Mick Jagger's exploits.

So tonight, why not try get a little something going with karaoke? You can rock, croon or spit your sounds at a dozen or so places this evening, in pretty much any part of the city.

But if you have specific desires for your karaoke outing, BW recommends the following.

For a laid-back, jeans and T-shirt kind of an evening, hit up The Plank or the Overland Bar on the Bench.

For those who "take their Jewel covers seriously," there's Saavy's and Terry's State Street Saloon.

For those who like it smoky so they can really get their Janis Joplin/Tom Waits/metal voice on, there's The 44 Club.

For those new to the game and looking to get their k-legs, try Will B's.

And for those who take this sh@# seriously and are ready to bust some knee slides and high notes, try the stage at Hannah's or try Amped and Dangerous Karaoke with a live band at The Red Room.

All karaoke starts at 9 p.m. and is FREE.