Buddy Holly is Alive and Well in First Look at New Jon Heder Film


A few years back, I picked up a tattered paperback from the 75-percent off bin in a thrift store because the title—Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede—was so bizarre that it was sure to be a trainwreck. But it didn't take more than a few dozen pages to realize I was dead wrong.

The story is about a young man contemplating how his bizarre upbringing and his mother's view of rock 'n' roll as a religion ended with him running from the law after being accused of orchestrating a global media blackout. And instead of a trainwreck, it was dazzlingly brilliant. Hysterical and scathing critiques of American media consumption are wrapped into a complex and poignant depiction of childhood and a reverence for the power of music that few musicians even grasp. Plus, there's a robot dog.

How the long out-of-print masterpiece isn't taught at universities everywhere continues to astound me.

Jon Heder was cast in 2009 to star in a film adaptation of the book, but aside from an initial announcement in Variety and a website, nothing else seems to have happened.

Until this week.

A teaser trailer just hit the web along with a revamped website. And while it lacks the calculated and nuanced prose of author Bradley Denton, it looks to be on point.

As mentioned, the book is long out of print. But is generally available used on Amazon and is available in a FREE e-version on Denton's website.