Need Something To Do Wednesday?


Though it generally doesn't happen until after January, many cyclists resolve year after year that this will be the one in which they learn to fix their own bikes instead of dropping them off at the shop every time they run over a goathead or someone maliciously readjusts their handlebars while they're inside The Red Room having a drink.

And just like so many New Year's resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking or make this the year you finally cut an album of duets with Morrisey, it never happens. Why? Because you were late to work, or didn't want to get your hands dirty or didn't know which end of the screwdriver to use. It doesn't really matter why. Only that it didn't happen. Again.

So today, why not do something about that?

Like, say, swinging by REI at 7 p.m. and taking a free class on basic bike maintenance. You can learn how to change a tire and lube a chain, and you can learn the meaning of words like "cogset" and "chainstay."

And after that, you really won't have any more excuses.