Need Something to do Sunday?


The increased value that comes with an autograph is a curious thing, and perhaps one that says a great deal about the industrial revolution.

After the revolution, objects that were once handcrafted were—and still are—mass produced by machines and we are surrounded by images and products of creators who have never laid a hand on their creations.

But for an item, say a book, to be autographed is to know that it's been physically handled, altered by its author. It has a little piece of the creator in it and is no longer just a sterile copy.

As more information goes online and proliferates and more processes are automated—both allowing us more access to products and material wealth—we move further from the thing that makes us value those products: the human touch.

So today, why not take the opportunity to harken back to the good old days?

From 2-6 p.m. at Tablerock Brewpub and Grill, McCall-based author Annie Knowles will be signing copies of her new book, Postmodern Sludge From the Girl Next Door. If you don't already have one, copies will be available for sale.