Massy Ferguson Rumbles Into RX on Saturday Sans Tractor


If the first thing you think when you hear Massey Ferguson is big ol' tractors and Rodney Atkins—Massey Ferguson is the 2011 official tractor of the country singer (what the hell does that even mean?)—then you might dig the Seattle-based band Massy Ferguson's "rock and twang" sound.

Your kids might like them, too, and be bummed out because they can't get in to see the band when they play the Bouquet on Saturday, March 26, at 9 p.m. Lucky for the kiddies (and their MF-lovin' parents), Massy Ferguson—who recently signed a deal with Spark & Shine Records—will perform in-store at the Record Exchange at 5 p.m.

RX in-stores are always FREE, all-ages events.

Wonder if Massey Ferguson knows about Massy Ferguson? That's a sponsorship just waiting to happen ...