Elizabeth Taylor Memorial Haikus


Two-time Academy Award winner, eight-time bride and perfume magnate Elizabeth Taylor died this morning.

As has become BW's tradition with notable passings, we invited our readers to submit memorial haikus to share their memories and feelings. Though most were reverent, some were remarkably crass. The results are below.

Boise Weekly Staff

Best pal of MJ
Got it on with Connery
Pure Hollywood

Lizabeth Taylor
Frequent marriage card full up
Cleopatra style

Dressed in diamonds
Stars should sparkle as brightly
You didn't need them

Rail Tees Colcord

I thought you had died
A couple decades ago
I sure was surprised

Lisa Simpson

Cleopatra I
Love the sparkle of diamonds
In violet eyes

Chad Keever

Elizabeth Tay
Lor I don't know anything
About you. Too bad

Beth Harris Weismann

Played by her own rules
Violet eyes, white diamonds
May she rest in peace

Emily Walton

Vanity Fair fall
gasping at her waist and eyes
now her long winter

Autumn Brock

Majesty's diamond
Hollywood's eternal star
Kiss this Earth goodbye

Shawna Hoyer

Hollywood legend
A stormy personal life

Autumn Brock

How do you cope?
Seven husbands in Heaven
No eternal rest

Philip Elliott

So hot in your youth
Not hot in your death for most

These weren't "technically" haikus as they don't conform to the five syllable/seven syllable/five syllable format, but we're including them anyways.

DiDi Phipps

She is in Heaven
She is with her best friends
No more turmoil
Times are good for her now

LoriAnne Hancock

Your beauty warms me
Deep inside
Like the bold sunshine
Warms the sand

Lynne Martin

I shall
make Jesus my next