Need Something to do Wednesday?


Furniture didn't always come packed in uniform brown cardboard from a department store. It used to be designed independently and crafted by hand. And in those days, a nice chair wasn't just something you picked up at Idaho Youth Ranch on a whim and abandoned for your roommate to deal with when you moved. It was a unique treasure you kept your whole life.

That spirit is what the Interior Designers of Idaho are evoking with the annual Chair Affair design contest.

Not everyone has the required skills needed to do the woodworking, upholstery and design required to make furniture by hand. But the IKEA age hasn't completely dissolved our ability to use a glue stick and an X-Acto knife. We can still cut and paste with the best of 'em.

So today, why not use those techniques and turn furniture into fun-itured?

In conjunction with IDI's Chair Affair is the Re:Use Cup Challenge, in which anyone is invited to redesign a 12-ounce coffee cup to look like the sort of place where Barbie might cop a squat in the dream mansion.

As long as you limit your materials to the the cup, lid, stir stick, sleeve and glue—and it looks like a chair—it's eligible.

Entries are due by Friday, April 15. Visit for more details.