Need Something to do Monday?


Now that February is gone, we can see the first inklings of Spring and all the races and marathons that will follow it. But let's be honest here: you probably spent the last few months holed up in your apartment watching reruns of MacGyver and eating Cheetos. Marathons aren't realistic with your current pants size.

While it's possible you'll break out of this rut on your own, it'd certainly be easier if you had some comrades with similar Cheetos-related issues to bounce back with.

So today, why not meet some people to run with?

The Boise Area Runners meet-up will be, um, meeting up, at the Americana Terrace Building Parking Lot at 3350 Americana Terrace, at noon today. Then they'll be jaunting off down the Greenbelt for 3 to 7 miles.

If today is no good, check out the club's complete list of meet-up times.