Fish and Game Reminds Hunters How to Take Aim at Wild Pigs


It looks like Idaho wildlife and agricultural officials are getting more than a few volunteers to help with the state's wild pig problem.

Earlier today the Idaho Department of Fish and Game issued a release reiterating the rules surrounding the hunting of wild pigs in Idaho, crediting a sudden rise in interest among hunters. BW first reported on the issue of wild pigs being found near Bruneau and the CJ Strike Reservoir—and the potential for serious damage to the environment, wildlife and agriculture—in the Feb. 23 edition.

Just so it's clear, there is no wild pig season in Idaho and no special hunting tag is required, although all would-be hunters need a valid state hunting or trapping license. There is also no limit on the number of wild pigs that can be taken.

Hunters are reminded to stay on public land or to make sure they have permission from landowners before entering private land. Additionally, hunters need to observe any seasonal closures on public land. Landowners who fear damage by the wild pigs can hunt or trap them without a license.

As a final warning, Fish and Game officials remind hunters that wild boars are not only big, but they can be aggressive, and their size, strength and tusks mean they can be dangerous. Hunters might want to get out the big guns for a pig hunt—literally, small-caliber weapons are not recommended.