MTV Is Looking For 18-24 Year Olds in Boise With No Shame


Casting directors for The Real World will be in Boise on Wednesday, March 9, looking for 18 to 24 years olds for the 26th season of MTV's "reality" show.

According to the press release, here are the kind of kids they are looking for (read: damaged/hip/cool/not cool/weird/smart/uptight/loose/crazy/whatever ... )

This season casting directors will be on the lookout for applicants who have challenges living an everyday life that most take for granted, struggling with weight issues, affected by a natural disaster, products of home or alternative schooling, followers of unrecognized or non-mainstream belief systems, elite athletes, recent graduates affected by the economic downturn, those involved with goth, emo, or punk subculture, members of a pro-abstinence organization, those who are recently single due to a tragedy, someone who has recently gotten out of the foster care system, and individuals who want to bring the spotlight of “The Real World” to a cause, condition, or social issue they care deeply about or are personally affected by. We are also particularly interested in cast members who have had to work hard to support themselves and move ahead in their lives.

If you fit into any of these categories or are just someone who would like your every moment captured on film for perpetuity, be at Legends Sports Pub and Grill from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. with a recent photo of yourself and photo ID. You must not only be between the ages of 18 and 24, you must "appear to be between the ages of 18 and 24."

If you can't get to Legends, you can apply online. Visit for details.