Need Something to do Sunday?


It's Oscar day, the annual celebration of all things film. But if you're a true cinephile, then you wouldn't want to pollute the viewing experience by owning a TV, meaning you're shit out of luck come red-carpet-o-clock.

Well, you would be if it weren't for two glorious words: Oscar party.

For the fancypants, who want an opportunity to wear their fancy pants, there is a genuine swankfest at the Banbury Golf Club featuring limos, red carpets and delicious vittles from Banbury and Mai Thai. That par-tay kicks off at 5 p.m. and costs $22. Tickets can be reserved online at

For those who prefer their pants understated and tasteful—yes, I mean all you French New-Wave devotees—swing by the Northgate Reel Theatre for a free live telecast in full hi-def on the big screen. And since you can show up to that shindig in decidedly non-fancy, elastic-waist pants, you're free to gorge yourself on all the popcorn and candy you like.

There will be raffles during the commercial breaks for 3D movie tickets, cupcakes, gift-cards and more. Anyone who shows up automatically gets a raffle ticket. Buy yourself a Reel Combo, and you'll get three more. Yowza, that's good giveaway.