Need Something To Do Saturday?


Looking for something to keep the kiddos entertained this weekend? Something that doesn’t involve freezing your collective butts off outside or playing video games? Something that gets them up and moving? That’s kind of a tall order this time of year, and yet, we have just the thing for you …

Jim Gill was once a child development specialist who worked to promote active play between kids and the adults in their lives. He spent 20 years making up goofy songs and directing programs in the Chicago area that encouraged families to get up and have fun together.

These days, he tours libraries, theaters and schools performing concerts in an effort to spread that message. One part of the show involves a silly dance contest in which he plays the banjo, shouts “Freeze!” and picks out the craziest poses in the room to mimic. And the kids go nuts.

A search for Jim Gill on Youtube brought up a video of the silly singer/songwriter speaking about his concerts. At the beginning of one he says, “A concert of mine is like a big family room where everybody plays together, so that after the concert, kids don’t necessarily leave and remember Jim Gill. They leave and remember that they played with their mom or they played with their dad or their friends, and that’s the whole point.”

For more info on Gill, visit He performs Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Egyptian Theatre at 1 p.m. and the show is FREE.