Hightail it Through the Sand City 100


Idaho motorcycle club the Desert Rats will host the 10th annual Sand City 100 on Sunday, March 6.

This year’s race format will be a timed event over 100 miles of sand and sage. Riders will leave the start line four at a time at one-minute intervals and take on the high-speed sand washes that the Grandview area is known for. The Rats are famous for using the wide-open desert near Grandview to challenge some of the best riders in the desert. Typical terrain incorporates tight, sandy defiles along with the beautiful whitewashes that run throughout the Owyhee foothills.

The Sand City 100 is the second race of the seven-race desert series sanctioned by (SIDRA). Riders from the Treasure Valley and Southern Idaho will be competing along with riders from Utah, California, Montana and Oregon.

The race will start off of Missile Base Road, reached via Highway 78, and will incorporate two laps of approximately 50 miles each, emergency “e” gas locations and electronic transponder timing. Race classes are available for all ages and abilities. Prices for racing range from $25 to $60 depending on class and primitive camping is available. Start positions are based on receipt of entry, so the sooner your entry is in, the earlier your start time is.

For an idea of what to expect, here's video from last week's Oreana 100