Need Something to do Wednesday?



We frequently discuss the threat of a robot apocalypse here in "Need Something to do Today." And while some of it may just be for grins, it's not entirely unfounded. For years robots have been taking factory jobs and letting immigrants get the blame. But beyond that, robots have made inroads into everything from foosball to broadcasting to sex.

Last week, they took over a game show.

Now some out there may argue that Alex Trebek was already a robot, so humans never really had Jeopardy. And that would make Trebek a scout, looking for ways to bring down the evening TV schedule. What other explanation is there for endless reruns of Two-and-a-Half Men?

So tonight, why not fight back? Robots may have already "jeopardized" the CBS lineup, but we don't have to cede game shows altogether. We can strike back by making them live instead of televised. And tonight at Fatty's, that is what's happening with the debut of a new onstage game show called Chaos Contest, in which contestants compete for a $100 bar tab and glory that should last several hours—minimum.

The show starts at 8 p.m., is FREE and will be hosted by local comedians Janelle Wilson and Mikey Pullman.

So as long as we can still rule live events, let robots have TV. I'd like to see one dare to try and take over the stage. Damn ... We're fucked.