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A slice of piping hot pizza smothered in gooey cheese and sausage begs to be washed down with a cold

lager. And the guy selling New York-style hot dogs in the stands at the game had better have the guy selling beer hot on his tail. Yes, some foods go with beer like peanut butter and jelly go together. But what about venison? Or baked Alaska?

Yes, beer lovers, your time has come. No longer do you have to pretend to know and love the perfect wine to go with the seared ahi on your plate. Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable—and even kind of cool—to be able to pick just the right style of beer to enjoy with your meal. The craft beer business is booming, which means a hefty selection to choose from when considering what beer would best enhance a meal. All of those choices can be kind of intimidating. You might be asking yourself what distinguishes a farmhouse ale from a Belgian-style double, but don’t worry. There are places all over town ready and willing to impart their knowledge.

One of those places is Schooner’s in Meridian. Tonight the folks in the kitchen have created a special menu and paired the four-course meal with a variety of New Belgium’s beers, and a rep from New Belgium Brewing Company will be on hand to impart his beer-related wisdom to you. The aforementioned venison and baked Alaska are on the menu, along with a pheasant salad and other goodies. The beers included are Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat, Ranger IPA, Abbey Triple and 1554 (which is really good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in it).

You can get your grub on at 7 p.m. tonight for the all-inclusive price of $35 per person but call now to reserve your spot—they’re going fast.