Holy LEGOs, Batman


For no reason really, we've been a little LEGO obsessed lately.

And this is one of those instances when the photos more or less speak for themselves.



Earlier this week, 41-year-old Boise resident Todd Wilder sent BW an e-mail with a link to these photos and about two dozen more showing off his latest LEGO creation. It's called the Mystery Box, and it tallies up to a total of 8,000 LEGOs at an average cost of about 10 cents each, approximately 200 hours of work, about 40 separate online orders, and eight compartments in the finished product. Wilder, who has put together all kinds of crazy stuff with the little plastic building blocks, plans to give this box to his 22-year-old nephew—who asked him to build it—but not until after he shows it off at the Bricks by the Bay Convention in Santa Clara, Calif., next month.

For you LEGO-philes out there, Wilder posted a detailed account of how he puzzled out the box.