Need Something to do Wednesday?


Don't think the apocalypse is nigh? New York does. And that ought to be some sort of clue. But since apocalypses only happen to "other people," a.k.a. New Yorkers, it's safe to assume you'll be one of the survivors.

One problem though. You won't survive long if you can't eat. That means you have to get your ducks in a row, agriculturally speaking. Or to be more specific, your chickens in a line.

Chickens produce eggs. They also produce more chickens. Both are edible and chickens can produce both with relatively little effort on your part, other than ensuring that other things don't eat them first. Unless you genuinely prefer sewer rat and cockroach, chickens are probably your best post-apocalyptic sustenance bet.

So today, why not plan ahead and learn how to keep chickens in your backyard?

Tonight begins Backyard Poultry at The University of Idaho's Canyon County campus. This introductory class on tending chickens costs $20 for two people, lasts from 6-9 p.m. and will run on Wednesdays for the next three weeks.

Interested chicken-less couples should contact Stephanie at 208-459-6003 for more info or to register.