GobbleGobble Up Today's MP3s: "Wrinklecarver" and "Lawn Knives"


Back in the days of Atari and first-wave Nintendo game systems, the beepy-boopy 8-bit music that accompanied Legend of Zelda's Link on his journeys, or the Mario Bros. on their quest to rid the sewers of monsters, would flit around a gamer's head long after his mom made him put the controller away and "turn the damn thing off."

Musical creation has become much more sophisticated since then, but some of the most original, most interesting electronic music utilizes high-tech processes while incorporating some of those early low-tech sounds. Canadian musician Cecil Frena, aka GobbleGobble, employs a combination of dots, dashes, scratches, stutters, monotonic driving drum beats, chirps, cheeps, glittery guitar, frantic pings of xylophonic percussion, frenetic tempos and surprisingly melodic, above-the-fray vocals to make some addictive poppy music.

It will make you want to blow on your game cartridge, grab a controller and triangle, square, forward, back, up, up, up until your thumbs hurt.


"Lawn Knives"