Need Something to do Sunday?


A 2007 survey found that approximately 42 percent of Americans have smoked pot. That's more than any other industrialized nation. And for decades, those pot smokers been demonized as nogoodniks, despite them really being more of eat-all-the-doritosniks if they're any sort of niks at all.

But even if there are a few bad apples in that barrel—or stems in that bag—they are the exception, not the rule. Yet still, the racism-fueled myths that began with Reefer Madness persist.

So today, if you happen to be a pot enthusiast, why not do your part in the legalization effort by proving you can be just as civic-minded as those pretentious f@#$s in the PTA by giving blood.

From 2-4 p.m. today, The Idaho Moms for Marijuana will be hosting the "Yes! You Cannabis" blood drive on Eighth Street in downtown Boise.

The goal is to let folks know that THC in your blood doesn't matter one bit. You can still donate and potentially save someone's life. And sure, there's a good chance you probably got into pot instead of other drugs because marijuana doesn't involve needles, but to that we say suck it up and take one for the team.