All I Want for Valentine's Day Is Sleigh Bells


As the story goes, Derek Miller (of Poison the Well) mentioned to a pretty brunette and her mother, who he served at a Brazilian restaurant in Brooklyn, that he was looking for a singer. The mother immediately volunteered her daughter and together the pair became Sleigh Bells.

Adorned in sunglasses and a Pretty in Pink-era jean jacket while sitting behind the wheel of a Trans Am is Alexis Krauss in Sleigh Bells' first mainstream video for "Rill Rill," which debuted on MTV. She is the yin to the hard-hitting electronic yang provided by Miller. Her sugared, echo-y vocals lay on top of chunky low-fi tracks, heavy with distorted guitar chords. They sound like MGMT and Death From Above 1979 got married and had kids.

While Sleigh Bells' music is frighteningly addictive, it's Krauss' style and good looks that make their music videos mesmerizing. In "Rill Rill" she removes her Ray Bans for a few seconds to stare pensively into the camera, simultaneously evoking fright and intrigue. The video shows Krauss throwing Miller and his guitar out of the Trans Am against the backdrop of a Lancaster, Calif., high school. A subhead could read: "A John Hughes Movie from Hell."

After touring the United States behind their debut album Treats, Sleigh Bells has collaborated with M.I.A., and moved to Mom+Pop records to rub elbows with Tokyo Police Club and Josh Radin.