Bill Maher's Message to Idaho Politicians


If it wasn't already obvious before the Vaughn Ward kerfuffle that shenanigans don't fly in the age of the Internet, it should have been crystal clear afterward. Apparently not, since on Feb. 9, Vince Hannity, president of the Idaho Business Coalition for Education Excellence, testified in favor of Tom Luna's education reform plan at the Statehouse—using borrowed language.

So, since it's apparently still fuzzy, here's Bill Maher spelling it out last year on his HBO series Real Time.

"We just had the fifth anniversary of YouTube and the 12th of Google and between them, they're killing off a great institution: lying," said Maher. "You just can't lie anymore—facts are too easy to check, everything is on video and your wife put a GPS in your glove compartment."

[ Video is no longer available. ]