Need Something to do Thursday?


It if can be boiled, it can be made into soup. As that really only excludes gasses, that makes the potential variety of soup flavors nearly infinite. Only problem is, whether it's a fine Idaho potato or a New England boat anchor, you gotta boil it for awhile to get the full flavor. And that means a certain level of confidence that it's worth your time.

Sure, you could open a can from the store or get whatever Sysco dropped off at the cafe that they're calling "homemade," but you're still boxing your taste buds in creatively. And after that hard day at work you had, you deserve better. Soup deserves better.

What the true soupphile needs is a gaggle of chefs bringing the thunder with their most impressive recipes in a no-holds barred soup-off.

So today, since it's suitably nippy outside anyhow—soup weather—why not experience exactly that.

The second annual WCA Fundraiser Soup TweetUp and Silent Auction takes place until 8:30 p.m. at Moon's Kitchen Cafe, in downtown Boise. Ten chefs from some of Boise's finest restaurants will do everything they can to remove your socks with the rocking power of their soup, and you get to vote for the winner.

The price for this watery heaven? Nada. It's free sucka.

However a $5 donation is requested to benefit the Women's and Children's Alliance. And if you suck down the soup without ponying up the dough, you will officially be a bad person destined for a special hell.

Whilst souping it up, you can also peruse the variety of items available for sale via a silent auction to benefit the same cause.

A complete list of participating restaurants here.