Need Something to do Wednesday?


Active, engaged audiences rarely seek out open mics. They don't say, "oh shit, let's get down to the bar 'cause it's open mic night," so much as get down to the bar and say "oh shit, it's open mic night."

For this reason, despite being an opportunity for new artists to get their feet wet and established artists to test new material, open mics aren't so great for performers. And let's be honest, most of the time, they're not that great for the audience, either.

But who they are great for is the sadist: the kind of person who likes to set up a lawn chair at the bottom of an icy hill in a residential neighborhood and wait for the show to start. Oh, look there are your hopes and they're about to collide with your dreams ... oh, wait for it, wait for it ... BOOM!

If you're that kind of person, then tonight you might want to swing by the Sockeye and check out their new standup comedy open mic. It should be an excellent opportunity to watch people's hopes and dreams be cruelly crushed for your entertainment, or for brave souls with a few jokes to put theirs on the line.

The open mic will be hosted by Danny Amspacher and followed by a set from Jen Adams. It starts at 8 p.m. and is FREE.