What Beer Likes To Be With: More Beer and Food Pairings



In tomorrow's issue of Boise Weekly, you'll see how I got to join in on a hunt for the perfect pairing of beer to different cheeses and chocolates. (You know the line: Somebody has to do it.)

I thought I'd also share a few suggestions for matching up beer with other foods from the excellent book What To Drink With What You Eat:

•Pilsners go great with grilled meats and vegetables.
•Smoked porters and stouts go with smoked salmon or oysters on the half shell.
•India pale ales go with steamed mussels, clams and most seafood.

For more place-specific matches, here are a few choices:

•Belgium beers with big flavor are great with game, pork and lamb.
•German Kolsch and pilsners match spicy dishes from Asia and Mexico.
•English porters and stouts work with desserts like chocolate cake.
•The Northwest's hop-heavy beers are natural allies with sharp cheddars.