Need Something to do Monday?


While the level of direct impact to the community from the Boise Co-op's firing of longtime manager Ken Kavanagh is debatable, what is indisputable is that people are taking the issue seriously.

BW's recent articles on the subject have garnered well over 100 online comments, some of them rivaling the length of the articles themselves.

And today marks the time in which all that talk has the opportunity to transition to action.

Tonight there will be a meeting of Boise Co-op members, at which Kavanagh originally planned to call a vote for his reinstatement. But according to a press release sent out by the Co-op board on Jan. 19, Co-op bylaws preclude a vote from actually taking place this evening.

"While the meeting was advertised at the direction of former president Ken Kavanagh, notice was not posted as required and, as a result, the board's legal counsel has advised that no votes of the membership can be taken on Jan. 24," the press release stated.

The meeting will, on the other hand, offer members an opportunity to express their concerns about recent goings-on, beginning at 6 p.m. at Saint John's Cathedral on Eighth and Hays streets.